About DD4Shelves

DD4Shelves is a campaign initiated by DDBill International Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia).

DD4Shelves offers offline service, and it’s a brand new O2O model.

DD4Shelves deploys offline physical store, slated to create a trade platform, enable consumer who resists online shopping to purchase oversea products in own country, mitigate the perception of risky online shopping by providing secure, professional and efficient service.

DD4Shelves promotes product through online method and QR code.

DD4Shelves practices regular visit to the local shelves with merchants.

DD4Shelves are available now

In Malaysia, Thailand, Dubai, and coming soon to Indonesia.

<<Benefits to consumer

DD4Shelves integrates the concept of online marketing and offline experience

First-hand experience, get to view and try the product in person

Direct communication with sales personnel and perform pre-order

Protect consumer rights, such as product mismatch or damage

24/7 customer support to solve your question

Support international online payment service

Excellent service quality: logistics, customs declaration, customs clearance services

<<Benefits to merchant

Professional service team to explain product contents, features, testing.

As a consignment service, realize the online virtual shop, enable consumer to experience the product in person

A friendly approach for brand owner to foray into overseas market, reduce management fee

More direct product promotion, greatly improve marketing effectiveness

By the means of offline marketing and online pre-order, reasonably reduce costs

Great opportunity to engage local agent

DD4Shelves provides

Any merchant may easily participate by submitting all required materials

USD299/ year for merchants who are not Dindin and DD4 members

USD299/ year for Dindin and DD4 merchants

Two different sizes are available to fit different product size
A. 53”H x 55.5”W x 39”D
B. 34”H x 55.5”W x 39”D

Monthly progress on product’s feedback, review, etc.

How to join

All manufacturer, brand owner, merchants, distributors, trader who are keen in participating DD4Shelves are required to fill in relevant form (Download: DD4Shelves Merchant Application Form) and opt among existing countries.

Note: 1.Dubai DD4Shelves mainly focus on Halal product; 2.Malaysia warehouse mainly focus on construction materials for small household items, such as faucet, hardware products; 3.Any products can be displayed on Malaysia DD4Shelves; 4.Any products can be displayed on Thailand DD4Shelves; 5.Any products can be displayed on Indonesia DD4Shelves (coming soon).

Required Materials

  • Soft copy of product image (3-8 pieces)
  • SKU No.
  • Product information
  • Product Pamphlet (Preferably EN & CH version)
  • URL to product page
  • Merchant’s Company Logo or Brand image (May authorize DD4Shelves to prepare for marketing purpose)
">DD4Shelves Progress Letter

International Logistics Service

The shipping will cover by platform for B2C logistics. For B2B, merchant and buyer may decide upon mutual agreement, any issues on logistics may seek advice from DDBill International Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia).

Merchant is required to provide information below for customs registration purpose (if any):

Product quantity Brand Certification Product related documents Image of product packaging (box) Product content Product weight (single unit & box) Certified reference materials (upon request)

Shelves Features (QR Code)

< Each product on DD4Shelves comes with unique QR Code

< Scan with QR Code scanner app on mobile device to access to the product information page, log in according to the guideline

<Simplify the process of bulk purchasing

Smart Mobile Supermarket browse page

Display up to 5 product images (Only support URL) Insert up to 5 videos from Youtube, Youku or others (Only support URL)


Support Chinese and English version, may switch language by following step 1, 2


  • About us: Company profile, video (support 1 video and maximum 5 images)
  • Contact us: To be displayed on DD4Shelves
  • Package: Support multiple packages, provide with complete materials
  • Packaging: Package information

Tips for merchant

Merchant is encourage to set selling price for both package and single product. The single unit price should be set higher than the selling price of packaged product to attract potential customer to purchase the packaged products, therefore boost the sales volume.

Merchant may provide multiple packages to increase the sales of product.

How to purchase

Consumer only requires to press “Purchase Now” to enter DD4/Dindin/or other merchant’s product page.

Or press “More” to enter DD4/Dindin/or other merchant’s product page.


By pressing the button circled in red will auto-direct to the package page.

Our team will contact the interested party on logistics and customs arrangement.

E.g.: Distributor (Merchant is required to prepare relevant contract)

Contact us

Any party who intend to participate the DD4Shelves, kindly email the product URL to luyiwei@dd4.com, we will get back to you soon!

Feel free to contact Mr. Lu if you have any queries regarding DD4Shelves.