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Xiaomi Sport Waterproof Phone Case uses a high-definition transparent TPU front material and a highly transparent rear camera cover. In the summer, many phone users are poised to partake in some sort of aquatic activity and the smartphone should be handy to capture great moments in real time. The Xiaomi waterproof phone case ensures that your device does not let you down. This case is designed to perfectly fit the device and it can be twisted and flexed without damage. Elegant and functional product for your active lifestyle, no matter you are swimming, skiing, surfing or diving.

Main Features

Four-layer Enclosed Design:

Xiaomi Waterproof phone case comes with a four-layer enclosed design that ensures that the mobile phone is not subject to flooding on rainy days, in the pool or even on the beach. It passed a 10-hour water-repellent test under water, and there was no pressure in swimming for a whole day.

Highly Transparent TPU Membrane:

The high-sensitivity front window design does not affect the touch screen operation and triples the ordinary PVC. The translucency of the material protecting the camera from water ensures that captured images and videos remain sharp even in underwater environments.

Screen-touch Sensibility:

Excellent sensitive screen touch feeling improves the glide experience.

Innovative and Convenient Design:

Innovative and Convenient Design, it is easy to keep out water, snow, dust, sand, and dirt; a strong neck strap for convenient carrying.

Clear Window On Both Front and Back Sides:

Clear Window on both front and back sides, perfect for taking pictures, videos and checking emails



Product Name: Xiaomi Phone Case


Material: TPU + PET + HOOK&LOOP + Cotton Rope

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I LOVE this case. I'm going canoeing this weekend and needed something to keep my phone in. I tested it in water with a piece of paper inside and I tried everything to make it wet but it wouldn't leak. Which is great! I feel super confident putting my phone in this. I made phone calls and played with my phone inside of the case and it was like it wasn't even on. It takes great pictures like the case is not even on as well.
Jul 31 2018 at 15:45:24 PM

Reviewed by

Nice waterproof case! Went to pool today and tried if it will really work but Yes it did. Satisfied! I just can't wait to use it for my trip next month in Thailand.
Jul 31 2018 at 15:34:04 PM

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