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This machine has: deodorant odor, decomposition of formaldehyde, sterilization function. Built-in Tens negative ions (measured 28 million anion), the effect of air disinfection and sterilization excellent! The killing efficiency of Staphylococcus aureus was 99.9% in the measured 2 hours. Compact size, easy to carry, can be used at home or business hotel.



 Two Major Functions

 Solve indoor air disinfection and odor problems ( Oxygen + Negative Ion )
 Decomposition of Odorous Substances

Ozone decomposes harmful substances in the air, decomposing the source to kill all kinds of harmful bacteria, instead of covering it with physical adsorption or fragrance

 High Concentration of Negative Ion Release

 High concentration of negative ions can remove dust, particles and static electricity in the air, and the sterilization effect is better
● Negative Ion Mode

Short press the key to start the machine, the machine enters the negative ion mode, the indicator light is always on
 Negative Ion Mode + Oxygen Mode

 If you need to turn on the oxygen, you can turn on the negative ion + oxygen mode in the negative ion mode and press the key for five seconds. The indicator light flashes.


Specification :








120 x 120 x 45 mm

Ozone Concentration

2.02mg / m³

Input Voltage

110V - 240V




Sterilization / Formaldehyde Removal / Deodorization


EU Plug ( We will send you a free adapter according to your country )

Package :
1 x Nobico Air Purifier 

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Solve indoor air disinfection and odor problems,very good!
Nov 07 2018 at 15:29:49 PM

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