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Coming with a free carrying holster, this easy to hold metal detector is the perfect tool to detect pistols, knives, razor blades, box cutters and foil wrapped drugs from a close distance. When it detects metal, this detector wand produces a sharp audible alarm as well as vibrating and illuminating the built in LEDs, security officers will have a tactical advantage while scanning and retrieving metallic items. The metal detector wand is user friendly and provides outstanding performance, stability, and extreme sensitivity in detecting the smallest objects due to using self-calibrating digital microprocessor technology, which eliminates the need for periodic sensitivity adjustments.


(1) High sensitivity.

(2) Simple and easy to use, no adjustment is required.

(3) The sensing distance cannot be changed when the battery voltage drops from 9 V to about 7 v.

(4) Low power consumption, can work for 40 hours in a row.

(5) It is not automatic and continuous alarm when the battery has been exhausted.

(6) on/Off switch audio message function.

(7) With external rechargeable docking port.

(8) has audio input, light transfer switch and vibration.


(1) A holster strap mountable

(2) One battery

Detection distance:

Pin: 30-60mm

64 Pistol Model: 150mm

6 inch long knife: 160mm

20mm diameter steel ball: 90mm


(1) Dimensions: (L) 415 * (W) 65 * (H) 40mm

(2) Power: 9 v Battery

(3) Weight: 295g

(4) has alarm and audio/automatic light switch functions.

(5) Charging voltage: 9 v AC; 10 V DC.

(6) Packing: 25 units per box


(1) G. W/Unit: 530g

(2) Size/unit: 43 * 10 * 5cm

(3) Quantity/CNT: 25 units

(4) G. W./CNT: 14.1 kg

(5) Size/CNT: 53 * 45 * 27cm

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