100% Guaranteed Returns

Available on orders that don't arrive, arrive damaged, or contain products that differ significantly from what your seller advertised.

Guaranteed Secure Payments

Your payment information is provided directly to DD4 (not to your seller). We also use industry leading data encryption and bank-level security to ensure that your payment details are safe, protected, and out of harm's way from intruders.

Easy Refund and Dispute Policy

Not 100% satisfied with your purchase? Don't worry. You have the option to submit a dispute and get up to a full refund.

Faster Dispute Processing and Resolution

Buyers can now open a dispute request with your seller. DD4 will also more quickly and proactively mediate your discussion to bring it to a swift conclusion.

Get Refunded After Releasing Payment

If you've already released payment to your seller and still find yourself unsatisfied with your product, we now let you to open a refund request anytime up to 30 days after payment release.


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