DD4 Youtube Review Program

Share the products you bought from DD4 on Youtube to get your money back! You can choose returned money or no-threshold coupons.

  • Buy great product on DD4
  • Share product on Youtube
  • Submit your product review video

How much money will you get?

It depends on the quality of your video.

If it's informative and descriptive, we will reward you as below:

Item purchase price lower than $50 get $10 back;

Item purchase price between $50~$100 get $20 back;

Item purchase price over $100 get $25 back.

If it is not qualified enough, we will reward you less accordingly.

How does DD4 judge the quality of your video?

No less than 3 mins.

Clear and audible sound must be included, introduce how your favorite item works, how it performs, and your general thoughts about it.

High resolution, smooth and no lens shake.

The product link should be included in the description of your video.

Only one product per video.

Subscribers over 100 and views of the video over 300 times.


1. Please contact us within 30 days of publishing the video.

2. All rights reserved by DD4.com.

Submit your review now

Please submit your review here. Our review team will check it within 48 hours and return your money within 7-15 days after it passes our checks.

If any questions or concerns, please feel free to Email us. Thanks!