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The Resolution Center resolves disputes in item payment, item receipt, and order status. DD4 try to promote satisfaction and trust in transactions by solving different problems and reaching amicable agreements between buyers and sellers.

Our goal is to provide a safe place to buy and sell. If you ever have a transaction issue on DD4, we can help with problem solving guidance and tools, buyer protection, and services to help protect you against fraud.

Many problems are misunderstandings that can be worked out when seller communicate with buyer. We always encourage our members to communicate with each other when there's a problem in transaction.

If you aren't able to work things out after communicating with your buyer or seller, you can contact us. You'll be able to open a case, and track the steps that are being taken to resolve a problem. If the buyer and seller can't come to an agreement, DD4 may decide the case. DD4 may issue a refund, reverse a sale, or require the buyer to pay for an item.

If suspicious activity is reported, DD4 team investigates the situation. If a member violates a policy, we warn them and we may limit or suspend their account privileges. If the matter is serious, we cooperate with law enforcement.

We want you to enjoy your experience on DD4. If something goes wrong, we work with both buyers and sellers to try to fix it.

When a buyer or seller doesn't complete an obligation, we take it seriously and we may limit or suspend their account privileges. We work to make sure that members on DD4 are honest and fair.

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