How to Buy as a Guest?

How it Works:

You can buy without an DD4 account when:
The price of the item is less than $2,000.
You purchase the item using Buy It Now.
You pay for the item using paypal or credit card.

Benifits as a Guest :

View order details.
Track the package.
Email the seller.
Return the item.

View Guest Order Details:

Follow these steps to sign in as a guest user

If you’re signed in to, sign out to avoid any error messages.
Find your DD4 guest order confirmation email—the subject line starts with “Guest Order.”
Select View order details in the email.
Enter your email address and access code to sign in as a guest user.

Notes:From Order details you can choose to contact the seller, report that you didn't receive the item, or return the item.

Upgrade a registered DD4 account:

You can upgrade from a guest user to a registered account right after checkout. On the checkout page, simply choose a password and we’ll create an account for you.

You can also upgrade by following these steps:

If anyone is signed in to an DD4 account on your device, sign out.
Go to your email account and find your DD4 guest order confirmation—the subject line starts with “Guest Order.”

Enter an email address, create a password, and then select Register. If you use an email already linked with an account, you’ll need to start the process again with another email.

Once you confirm your account, the item you bought as a guest user will show up in your DD4 purchase history.