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The Resolution Center resolves disputes in areas as diverse as item payment, item receipt, and item condition. Buyers and sellers who have never met each other face to face can solve different problems and reach amicable agreements. DD4 hope that we can increase customer satisfaction and trust in transactions.


Resolve a problem

We always encourage our members to communicate with each other when there's a problem with a transaction.


Transaction problems

If you ever have a transaction problem, we can help. If you didn't receive your item or it wasn't what you were expecting, you can request a refund from your seller or ask to return the item. You may be entitled to a refund if the seller can't resolve the issue. Send Email to csmy@dd4.com so we can help.

DD4 Buyer Protection Guarantee covers your purchase price plus original shipping for virtually all items on DD4.com. We guarantee you will get the item you ordered or your money back. 

Buyers can start communicating with the seller by clicking the Send Message button in the seller’s store to receive updated tracking information for the item you bought, or a full refund.


If buyers still need help after communicating with the seller, please contact us at csmy@dd4.com


Here are some tips for buyers.


Choosing items confidently

Read the item description carefully. 

Compare the item to similar items. 

Look at the item's condition in pictures and the item description. Be realistic about used or older items.

Read the details about shipping and payment options. 

Be careful if an item is listed very far below the manufacturer's suggested retail price, or if the listing has a significantly delayed shipping time. 

Look at the seller's Feedback.

Read the seller's answers to questions about their item and terms of sale. To ask the seller a question, go to the seller’s store and click Send Message.

Look at the seller's policies on shipping, payments, and returns.

View the seller's other items.


Know the details for overseas transactions

Other countries may have different rules than yours, sometimes you need to allow additional time to receive your item. 




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